Access More Customers With Merchant Accounts

 photo MarchantAccount_zps9440640f.jpg Blog submitted by Charge, a respected provider of merchant account services. Gain the capacity to accept credit cards. Why are merchant accounts so important? Because the number of people who still carry cash in their wallets or purses is shrinking more and more every day. Some people just don’t want to be bothered with trips to the bank to withdraw, or with having to carry around a mini wad of bills, much less heavy and tinkling coins. If you don’t already have a merchant account, you’re most likely missing out on a lot of customers. If few people are carrying around any cash at all, the odds that many of them will have enough to buy everything they’d like at your store is not very high. Diversifying the payment types you can accept is crucial. Gain the ability for efficient credit card processing. Fo

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Signs the ecconomy may be recovering

 photo 5619840893_5fac435384_zps05e18721.jpg Article by Robert Minassian of Latest Financial Info From underwear sales to coffee sales, below are some of the stranger signs that the economy may be recovering in 2011: Coffee Sales When people don't have money they drink less coffee at the local cafes.  Recently, coffee store sales have been picking up.  Starbucks' net revenues increased 9.5% in 2010, after falling 6% in 2009. Men's Underwear Sales When it's tougher to find jobs, men wait longer to replace their underwear, and sales -- usually very stable -- fell nearly 2.5% in 2009. Now they've started to stabilize. But, much like the unemployment rate, it's likely to take a few years to recover to pre-recession levels. Internet Searched for Unemployment The number of Internet searches for "unemployment benefits," "unemploymen

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Making the Most of Customer Service

One of everyone’s most frustrating experiences is dealing with poorly trained, less-than-motivated, and often distant-sounding customer service representatives. Sometimes I hesitate to make a purchase at the thought that I might have to return the item and be forced to navigate the muddy waters of the customer-service return process. The following experience illustrates the benefit of taking a step back and looking at the situation from a mediator’s perspective. I had changed apartments and asked my local phone carrier to transfer the number. Soon after I moved I got an offer from a long-distance carrier to switch, and I accepted it. I then ordered new business cards with my new address and phone number, and left for an overdue vacation. Two weeks later I returned home – tan, but listening to the sound of silence whenever I picked up the receiver. Initial calls (from my cell phone) to the local and long-distance carriers went unreturn

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Self-Service and Full-Service Ad Exchanges Explained

This needs to be edited- we don’t want to use the word self-serve, it sounds too open. You should talk about “Managed” vs “Platform” solutions, with platform being the self-serve model. Also lets not use “ad exchanges” at all. Ad Exchanges are able to offer advertisers wider ranges of inventory that is micro-targeted. Using a service like Google AdWords used to be appealing because it was relatively low cost and the inventory was largely unmatched elsewhere. That’s no longer the case. Exchanges offer page views on niche and mainstream blogs through multiple networks, easily eclipsing the inventory of a single-network system. When purchasing traffic from one of these ad exchanges, there are two methods you can use to get started. We’ll look at each of these methods, and provide some ideas on which may be best for you. Full-Service Ad Exchanges When you have a campaign, and you lack the resources or knowledge to manage it, you bring it to a full-service ad exchange. Teams work with you set realistic goals for page views, conversions and other positive metrics. You largely set and forget while they do the heavy lifting for you, although y

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Factors To Consider Before Investing In Real Estate

Written by Access Industries

Whether you are considering investing in real estate, you might have been faced with many questions asked by yourself or from people around you. These questions would help you in practising the right assessment whether that opportunity is really worth considering and whether it is indeed targeting your investment needs.

Consider Your Goals

To determine whether any real estate opportunity is worthwhile, the first thing to ponder on would be your own goals. Once you know what you are aiming for, you would be able to define a clear strategy regarding the achievement of your goals. For example, by defining your goals you would be able to determine whether a turn-key investment is preferred or whether you wish to acquire hands on property.

Capital Available

Yet another crucial aspect to

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How Ad Exchanges Detect Click Fraud

Ad exchanges are the most effective way to purchase targeted traffic for a promotion precisely because they carry so much responsibility for the quality of that traffic. Ad exchanges function by providing quality traffic to advertisers, and they run extensive testing to ensure that traffic comes from authentic sources. Here are some of the steps these networks take to police fraud, and why policing fraud is important to everyone. Run Extensive Testing Ad exchanges use viewability verification partners to help analyze traffic as well. These partners look at traffic numbers, including statistics like time spent on site and other benchmarks. Partners accomplish two things: they measure the probability that an ad view can occur and they also cut fraud by establishing a baseline of human behavior. Verifying page views keeps networks free from click fraud. that suspect fraud is occurring can compare what they see in their data to what occurs in the real world. They can investigate location specific advertising, for instance, to see if the ZIP codes designated are from the same ones being reported. Exchanges can also look at the movement of GPS enabled devices, h

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How to Buy Ad Space Like a Pro

In the olden days of advertising, the process to purchase ad space was laborious. It involved lots of relationship building and due diligence on where to post. Plus you had to negotiate rates, and it was difficult to tell if you were ever getting a fair deal for the traffic you were purchasing. If sites failed to perform for you, you were stuck with a large bill and nothing to show for it. The efficiency of media buying has been greatly improved, creating a process that is simple and fast. With programmatic ad buying, you can purchase ad space like a true professional and reach market segments that were never before possible. The Auction Process Programmatic ad buying involves an auction process, where display advertising space is bought and sold based on bids. The marketer targets specific segments using interest or location-based targeting. This helps reduce the number of people who are not receptive to your ads, or who do not fit your target market. The end result is targeted traffic that has a high probability of conversion. Fine Tuning Now you know where your traffic comes from. The next step is working on improving conversio

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Shipping Cargo Internationally for the First Time

When you need to move freight over seas, the process is not like moving something to the next town or the next state. Conditions aboard a freighter are extreme, and even cargo that has been secured runs the risk of falling over board. In addition to personnel and transit costs, you will need cargo containers for sale to move stock. In order to make sure that your cargo gets to its destination, arrives on time, and that your company suffers minimal loss on the transaction, read these tips. Be Ready for Transport The best thing you can do is prepare for the move in any way that you can. The day of the move, drivers should have to do little more than load your crate. Make sure all of your stock is accounted for, and inside the intermodal container. At this point, all of your customs paper work should be completed. You are typically charged by the hour to move stock, so you can begin to minimize losses right from the start if you’re ready to move when the time comes. Prepare Containers for Extreme Weather Shipping containers are built to weather a variety of conditions, but you need to make

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Discovery Communications Corporate History

Written by Samuel Phineas Upham Discovery Communications is a mass media company located in Maryland. Discovery was a single channel back in 1985, a documentary-based channel showing video footage based on popular science of the day. It was primarily non-fiction programming, which is slightly different from their focus today. DCI has 28 different brands that it manages, which include over 100 channels that broadcast in 39 different languages in 180 different countries. Discovery used to produce and air primarily non-fiction. That is still a component of what they do today, but they also boost their lineup with adventure-type shows and fitness programming. DCI is also responsible for the Random House book label, which is the largest general book publisher in the world. In the early days Discovery broadcast the Soviet equivalent to Time magazine, “Vremya,” to keep its lights on. The now famous Shark Week got its start in 1988, while the Christian Science Monitor produced a show called World Monitor. These shows explored the natural world, but the focus shifted during the early 2000s

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How a DDoS Works

Written by Samuel Phineas Upham If you have been paying attention to news lately, you’ll notice that the term “DDoS” continues to crop up. The most recent DDoS attacks have been focused on gaming websites, but YouTube and other major outlets have suffered them as well. It is not a hack, per say, but it is an attack. DDoS Explained A distributed denial of service attack, or DDoS, is an attempt at shutting a service out from using the Internet. Its goal is to interrupt access to something, and involve more than one person in almost every case. DDoS attacks have become more recent, especially in eCommerce and gaming. How it Works In a DDoS attack, the perpetrator runs a program that is designed to access multiple terminals. The attacker can then use those machines to access a website. When a website is accessed, it must broadcast its data over a set bandwidth. If too many machines attempt to access a site, or overload the server with requests to access a site, the site shuts down. Who Carries Out DDoS Attacks DDoS attacks have been called

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Waste Management Corporate History

Written by Samuel Phineas Upham Harm Huizenga started making his living as a garbage collector, hauling loads off on a cart for $1.25 per wagon full. Business was good enough to pass onto others in the family, and by 1968, Wayne Huizenga had turned Waste Management into a full-fledged company. He built the business by being aggressive. He purchased stake in other garbage collection companies in his areas, slowly buying up territories and work crews. Within its first four years, Waste Management had made a series of 133 acquisitions worth roughly $82 million in revenue. The company quickly amassed over 60,000 commercial customers and 600,000 residential ones. Waste Management officially became the largest waste hauler in the country when it acquired SCA in the 1980s. The company had some accounting problems during the years of 1992 to 1997. It cooked its own books in an effort to hide expenses, but with a CEO change in 1997, the company reformed its ways and changed its name to WMX Technologies. Part of that recovery involved new technology, safety standards and operational practices. Shares in the comp

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The Broom Closet that Started Papa John’s

Written by Samuel Phineas Upham John Schnatter had a plan when he took over the broom closet of his father’s tavern in 1983. He wanted to start his own business selling pizza to the patrons of the bar. Located in Jefferson, Indiana, Mick’s Lounge was the first place one could find a slice of Papa John’s. John got the money by selling his 1971 Camaro, a now famous story. The value was $1600, good enough to get a few pieces of used pizza making equipment and get the ball rolling. Within one year of selling pizzas, he’d rented the space next door to his father’s tavern. Papa Johns didn’t become America’s fourth largest pizza takeout chain overnight, although it sometimes feels that way. A lawsuit filed by Pizza Hut in 1997 challenged some of Papa John’s advertising. Perhaps you recall the comparison of ingredients, stating that “Fresher is Better.” Not according to the jury when the case went to trial. Though the ruling was overturned eventually, the original verdict stated that fresh ingredients did not necessarily guarantee a better pizza. The advertisement was ruled misleading unt

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The Creation of DC Comics

Written by Samuel Phineas Upham In February of 1935, a new magazine was hitting shelves. New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine was a creation from the mind of entrepreneur Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. The book came to define the size of so-called “Golden Age” comics before the label evolved into the now iconic “Action Comics.” Detective Comics debuted in 1937. It was a serial collection of mysteries that culminated in the debut of America’s favorite caped crusader, Batman. Wheeler-Nicholson was nowhere to be found by 1939. He had gotten the company into some financial troubles and had to bring on a partner just to get Detective Comics #1 published. Action Comics was first released in June of 1938, with Superman at the helm. It was the first comic to tell stories of so-called superheroes, and the company quickly tried to capitalize on this trend with new characters including Sandman. In fact, Action Comics #1 sold in 2010 to an anonymous buyer for the amount of $1 million, which was to date the largest transaction for a comic book in history. The comics industry entered the golden age and DC r

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